Saturday, July 18, 2009

Introdouction to No Poo - Hair Shampoo Routine

The first step you need to take when beginning the No Poo Routine is to seriously limit the use of harsh sulfate shampoos to clean your hair and scalp, better yet eliminate harsh shampoo from your routine. That's right no more shampoo. The next step is to use a clear gel to help keep your hair from getting frizzy. The third is to handle the hair very gently, when you brush your hair do so in a gentle manner.. don't tear through tangles and knots. Doing so will cause damage to your hair.

There are there reasons for this new routine. The number one reason is because most commercial shampoos, even the expensive ones contain sulfates that are too harsh for our hair. They tend to rob our hair of moisture! The next reason is because curly hair tends to be more porous when compared to straight hair. This makes it harder to rinse out all the residue from shampoo, which could result in drier frizzier hair. The last reason is because most conditioners contain mild surfactants which when combined with some friction from our hands against our scalp it is more than enough to lift dirt and oil from the scalp and hair.


  1. Hi. Do you have any opinions on using baking soda mixed with water?

  2. I have curly hair and use shampoo once every 6 months, when I highlight it. The rest of the time I "wash" it with conditioner and then put a glob of the same conditioner in without rinsing.

    No, my hair doesn't look dirty or oily and finally (after I started to leave some conditioner in) has some shine. My current favorite is Loreal Everpure moisture conditioner. That's all I've been using.

    When I weaken and try to use up some of the old stuff, the ones with silicone, I regret it. I finally decided to use my leftovers in place of shaving cream--works fine.

    It will be a long time before I can get rid of all my leftovers, but I haven't yet weakened and tossed anything in the garbage.

    Moral: read labels--don't use anything with the telltale "cone" in the name. Silicones may make your less frizzy, but they wreak havoc on curly hairstyles.