Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hair Types

Here is a list of hair types to help you determine your type of hair:

Type 1: Straight hair

Pretty Straight Forward, you know if you've got straight hair.


Type 2: Wavy hair

Wavy hair tends to have an "S" pattern to it. It is the middle ground between straight hair and curly hair. Wavy hair tends to have an "S" shape but it lays flat against your scalp, it doesn't have all the volume the way curly hair does. It is often very easy to make wavy hair curly by scrunching some gel into the hair while it is wet.

Type 2A: Fine and thin

Type 2B: Medium texture

Type 2C: Course and thick


Type 3: Curly hair

Type 3 curly hair has a lot of volume and body and is easily styled. The curls are very well defined and often spring if pulled on. Shiny, soft curls with a lot of elasticity.

Type 3A: Loose, Large curls. Shorter hair is straighter and the longer the hair the curlier it gets.

Type 3B: Medium amount of curls with springy ringlets. Tight "S" curl pattern with massive volume. Common in ethical hair types.


Type 4: Kinky hair

Hair is very tightly curled or "kinky". Very wiry, coiled and fragile hair. Often if you have type 4 kinky hair, your hair will often "Afro" naturally. Many Type 4's resort to chemical relaxers to deal with their hair.

Type 4A: Tightly coiled hair when stretched out an "S" pattern remains.

Type 4B: Very kinky hair with a "Z" pattern unlike 4A hair types 4B bends at sharp angles and is often drier than 4A hair.

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