Friday, July 17, 2015

Going No Poo Means No More Shampoo

Going No Poo means no longer using shampoo to clean you hair. Many people think not using shampoo is unclean or dirty, but it really isn't. Many Conditioners contain surfactants powerful enough to clean your hair but gentle enough not to dry out hair and cause frizz. In fact, theer are a number of reasons why a person would quit using shampoo, such as to avoid the harsh chemicals like sodium laurel sulfate. These chemicals can be hazardous to your health and dry out your hair and scalp causing itchy dry skin or a flaky dandruff-y scalp. These chemicals will also dry out your hair causing it to be frizzier than it should be. People who have naturally curly hair are especially prone to frizz.

Everyones scalp naturally produces sebum which is a natural moisturizer for your hair and scalp. Removing sebum on a daily basis will disrupt the equilibrium of the hair and scalp and your body will begin producing an excess of sebum to compensate causing your hair to become oily and greasy looking. So over a period of time, if you stop using harsh shampoos to clean your hair, the equilibrium will restore itself, your body will begin producing less sebum and your hair will be healthier, cleaner and frizz free. Going No Poo helps you to maintain a healthier, better looking head of hair, that is less likely to get oily and gross looking.

When your stop using shampoo your body will go through a transitional period and you will begin producing less oil. It will eventually produce just enough sebum to keep your hair healthy. For the first month or two you may end up have some excess sebum which may make your hair look a little bit greasy. There are many ways to deal with this problem though.

You may need to use:
baking soda - water mixture
Apple cider vinegar

These techniques and many others will be discussed in further detail elsewhere on the website. I hope with our advice you too can have a healthy, frizz free head of hair.